Red Sea Side

Red Sea State

City of Port Sudan

Port Sudan is a port city in eastern Sudan, and the capital of the state of Red Sea. It is now a favourite destination among touristsو especially when they scout for beaches and exquisite scuba diving areasو as well as other leisure activities as hunting, swimming, shopping, and festivals. Some of the most famous tourism target places in the city are Maritime Museum, Ports Museum,  Heritage Museum,  Heritage Market , and the Temple of Sedeinga.

Diving and Snorkeling

There are several good dive sites near Port Sudan ,such as Sha'ab Rumi (an  hour from the coast) and Sanganeb (few hours from the coast).Port Sudan is incredibly famous for its remarkable scuba dive sites that feature unique underwater attractions that are unlike any other places on the planet.



It is one of Sudan’s most brilliant resorts, located 205km west of Port Sudan, (about 29km away from the sea shore). Compared with other parts of the state ,the area has a low temperature weather. Arkawit is known for its distinctive mountain plants and rare cactus trees. The area is filled with beautiful stone buildings and surrounded by mountains of multiple heights emerging from every direction. Arkawit is astonishing  for its local souvenirs. Among its most popular artifact is the women accessories that are made of silver, copper, and swords making. Assit Mountain resort is located at the heart of Arkawit .



Suakin is the first Sudanese city where high fixed Buildings were established. Its palaces were lofty. Unprecedented in the area, it was the city of trade and wealth on the Red Sea coast. Today visitors view countless sites of those remains, such as The Eastern Gate, built by Lord Kitchener, Shinnawi Agency and his palace. Visitors may also take a tour at Mohamed Nour Hadab Museum which unfolds the history of Suakin and the past of the area.


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