Kingdom of Kush



Visit #Sudan and explore #KingdomofKush One of the oldest civilization on the planet. Camping near #PyramidsOfMeroe and overnight at #nubian House. Astonishing spot for #photographer, a great deal for #adventures

For more information about the sights in the north of Sudan please feel free to download a pdf file from this  link:

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Day 1 : (Khartoum – Omdurman ) 
  • National Museum
  • Al-Muqaran (The confluence of the two Niles (the Blue ‎Nile & the White Nile)
  • Al-Khalifa's House Museum
  • Al-Mahdi Tomb
  • Old Sueq (Old Market one the biggest Market in Africa)


Day 2 : (Khartoum - Old Dongola)
  • Sueq  Libya
  • Al-Tamtam
  • Al Multaqaa
  • Old Dongola Main Market


Day 3: (Old Dongola - AlKawa - Tombus)
  • Relics of the Christian period of Maqarra kingdom
  • king palace
  • Relics of the cathedral Old church
  • Al-Kawa site,
  • Ammon temple of Taharka
  • Camping at Tombus


Day 4: (Tombus - Karma - Sulib)
  • Deffufa Temples
  • Kerma's cemetery
  • Royal tombs
  • Kerma Museum
  • Sesibi (Temple of Ikhnaton and his city)


Day 5: (Sulib - Sadenga - Sai Island - 3rd Cataract )
  • Temple of Ammon and Amenophis the 3 rd
  • Dosha Mountain
  • Inscriptions of Ramses the 3rd
  • Temple of queen Tee the wife of Amenophis the 3rd
  • Nubian villages and 3rd Cataract
  • Mesida (church and the rock paintings)
  • Tombus (unfinished statue and the inscriptions of Tohotmosis
  • Inscriptions (Napatan and Pharaonic).


Day 6: (3rd Cataract - Karima - AlKuru)
  • Royal cemetery in Elkuru
  • Petrified Forest


Day 7: (Karima - Jebel AlBarkal - Nuri - Chazali)
  • Jebel Al-Barkal
  • Ammon temple & Taharka temple
  • Pyramids of Jebel Barkal
  • local market of Karima
  • Pyramids of Nuri
  • Ghazali


Day 8: (Karima - Atbara - Meroe Pyramids)
  • Atbara local market
  • The Royal city of ancient Meroe
  • Ammon Temple and Roman bath
  • The relics of the iron processing
  • The ovens places and ruined temples
  • The Pyramids of kings and queens of Meroe


Day 9: (Meroe Pyramids - Musawarat - Nagaa - Khartoum)
  • Revisit the pyramids of Meroe
  • Shendi (visit the local market and a weaving house for traditional clothes)
  • Musawarat (the Lion temple and the great enclosure)
  • Nagaa (the Ammon temple and visit the Lion temple and the Meroitic Kiosk)
  • The 6th cataract, (farm along the Nile)
  • Return to Khartoum


Package Includes 

  • Meeting at the airport.
  • Hotel transportation.
  • Entry fees to the archeological sites.
  • Overnights – Double accommodation.
  • Airport transfers and city tour Khartoum by buses.
  • Full board (overland trips incl.).
  • 2 Mineral water per person daily.
  • Sudanese English speaking tour leader.
  • Overnights at  Hotel in Dongola.
  • Overnights at a typical Nubian farmhouse in Karima & Sulib. 
  • Overnight in Tents.
  • An overland trip by Land Cruiser cars model 2007 A/C. 
  • Sudan entry visa


Package Not Include

  • International flight.
  • All drinks at Hotels.
  • Personal expenses and Tips.



  • Hotels check-in & checkout time depending on your arrival/departure time, the program can be adjusted accordingly. 
  • If you have any specific food requirements (vegetarian, vegan & food allergies), please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide or partners to prepare alternatives. 
  • All rates are quoted in USD per person for Sudanese market.